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Evita’s Angels First 1000 Days Project

Wilmie van der Wal

Evita’s Angels First 1000 Days Project is designed and facilitated by Wilmie van der Wal . Wilmie relocated to Yzerfontein in August 2021 from Abu Dhabi where she worked at an American Liberal Arts University in Student Affairs.

She has her Masters in Psychology and is an expert in co-curriculum programming. After working in the Higher Education sector for more than 8 years, Wilmie followed her passion and upon successfully completing her Life Coach Certification founded Lemonlilly Consultants in September 2021.

On the 9th of July 2022, The Darling Trust and Lemonlilly Consultants had the privilege of launching the Evita’s Angels First 1000 Days Project.

The aim of the project is specifically aimed  at mothers during pregnancy and as the baby develops and grows till the age of about 2 years old, thus benefitting lives ahead. Beginning with our Pregnancy Curriculum, which is the foundation of the Angels First 1000 Days Project, we journey together with moms-to-be throughout their pregnancies.

Moms are assisted with learning skills needed during pregnancy, in raising a newborn baby, and for themselves after the birth. Importantly, we strive to fasten the bonds between mother and baby to ensure that baby is born healthy and mothers are equipped to raise a happy and healthy child while    maintaining their own mental health and wellness.

Our moms-to-be attend bi-monthly Pregnancy Curriculum sessions, alternating between Mom Focused Sessions and Baby Focused Sessions. Mom sessions centre around life coaching and include the wheel of life, values identification, financial skills and budgeting, life vision, goal setting, good habits, and self-care. Baby sessions centre around equipping moms-to-be with knowledge and skills about pregnancy, delivery, postpartum care, as well as the care of their newborns.

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