The Darling Community Pool and Education Center

16th December 2009, the day of Reconciliation, turned into a day of celebration for the community of Darling. It was the opening of the The Darling Community Pool and Education Center. The long wait was over and excited children were queuing to be the first to swim in the newly built swimming pool. The weather played along wonderfully, sunshine and azure blue skies permitted wonderful swimming and splashing. Laughter filled the air and shrieks of joy could be heard from a distance.

What is the Darling Community Pool and Education Center?

This center consists of a swimming pool, music room and learning center. The focus is on encouraging a fit, healthy and productive lifestyle, building community spirit, enhancing self-confidence and harmony. The ultimate objective is to contribute to the prevention of school drop outs,  HIV and AIDS, substance abuse, violence and crime.

Archbishop Tutu said the following about this remarkable project:
…these facilities will be life changing to the young people in this town and their parents. The investment in their community will send the message that they matter, that they can be proud of where they come from and that the youth do have a future. I know from my own childhood what difference it can make when someone takes an interest and cares.

For more information on opening times and entrance fee, call Swartland Municipality on 022 487 9400

What our Center looks like now



Official opening of The Darling Community Pool and Education Center

Underneath a scorching hot sun, more than 400 people arrived to attend the official opening of The Darling Community Pool and Education Center.

Close to 200 children waited patiently while the tension and temperature was rising. Evita Bezuidenhout, the most famous white woman in South Africa, welcomed everybody with the words ”In Darling we don’t wait for things to happen, we make things happen”.

The community choir, conducted by Bryn Juliana-Jones sang for the guests followed by a dance routine performed by Jikeleza Dance Company. Finally the big moment arrived. Riaan Neethling, chair person of The Darling Trust, started the countdown and Evita Bezuidenhout, Sabine Plattner and Maude Goliath approached the ribbon.

The second they cut the ribbon all the children jumped into the pool. What a beautiful moment. There was not a dry eye or child on the premises.