How you can help

The success of all nonprofit organisations relies not only on the dedicated people directly associated with the projects but also on the generous members of the public who wish to spread a little kindness to others. Thank you to everyone who makes our work possible.

One of the most important ways people can help us is to spread the word about our work proactive – the more people who know about us, the more people will support us and enable us to continue with and expand our work. So please do talk to your friends about The Darling Trust and ask them to spare a moment to visit our website, read our blog or our newsletter.

A few of the many other ways to support our work include:


All our projects require funding to keep them going and we also need additional funding to put future plans into action. If there is a particular project of ours that you would like to support, please do let us know so that we can provide you with more information. However, please bear in mind that donations received without restriction to a certain project help us tremendously because they allow us the flexibility to react quickly so that we can help those in need straight away.

Debit orders


We all would like to help those less fortunate, but most of us are so busy we don’t find the time.  The Darling Trust debit order option is the answer!
Monthly debit orders are a vital form of support.
Regular monthly donations allow us to plan ahead and manage our budget effectively.
Just download the Debit Order Authorisation Form and either fax or email it to us and we will do everything else. As simple as that!

To give a few examples:

  • At The Darling Trust just R120 p/m will cover 1 learner’s fees per month at The Early Childhood Development Centre in Darling. Currently we have 60 learners enrolled at Evita’s Darlings Grade R class.
  • Just R50 p/m will cover art material for 1 art student for 2 months.
  • R100 p/m could go towards paying for UNISA exam enrolment, sheet music, theory exams and tuition of music students.
  • R500 will pay for one art or music outing i.e. art exhibitions and music concerts in Cape Town for 25 learners. (Many of whom have never left Darling)
  • R300 p/m will pay for tea, scones and a film show for 40 senior citizens of Darling.
  • R500 p/m will pay for a nutritional food parcel for a family of 6.

Our Trust establishes grassroots programmes aimed at direct, personal interaction with the community of Darling and surrounds. This interaction aims to move away from a culture of handouts and to empower individuals with the skills to help themselves.

Your total contribution reaches the beneficiary
as the bank charges have been sponsored.

“Making the dream of a better life a reality”

Planned Giving

Our best work happens because of you

The Darling Trust Endowment Fund will increasingly become a vital source of funds for our programs and operations.  It makes long-term planning possible, giving us:

  • The flexibility to pursue promising ideas in today’s fast-changing environment
  • The capacity to commit to innovative new projects, when funding is most scarce

There are many ways of structuring a gift to The Darling Trust Endowment Fund to meet your current and future financial and personal goals.  These include a once-off gift of capital, an ongoing gift via debit order, or a bequest as part of your estate planning.

Support The Darling Trust Endowment Fund

The Darling Trust Endowment Fund aims to build a capital asset of R20 million, from which the trust can draw the interest if and when it is required. Your gift of capital to the endowment fund will remain intact in the fund, thereby providing a perpetual source of income for The Darling Trust.

Gifts to The Darling Trust Endowment Fund may be designated for general purposes or earmarked for special projects.

We are grateful for gifts to our endowment in any amount.

However, for those with the desire and means, with your gift of R50,000 or more your named fund can leave a special legacy at TDT.  You can:

  • Create an endowed fund named after you or in honour or memory of another
  • ·Choose whether your named fund will support THE DARLING TRUST in general or be designated for a specific purpose, such as children’s educational programs, parenting skills development, music, art, health

Remember The Darling Trust in your Will

One of the simplest ways to remember The Darling Trust in your estate plans is through your will. You can use the following sample language if you intend to designate your bequest to the Darling Trust’s general purposes:

“I give and devise (___________________________), without reduction for any tax occasioned by my death, to The Darling Trust, a charitable organisation located at Evita se Perron, Darling, to be used or disposed of as The Darling Trust in its sole discretion deems appropriate.”

A bequest of this kind will allow The Darling Trust to use your gift in the area in which it is most needed.

With a bequest of R50,000 or more, you may if you choose designate your gift to a specific program or purpose.  Donors who are interested in supporting specific projects are encouraged to inquire into current funding needs ensure that your preferences can be accommodated.

For more information and to discuss your specific needs and intentions, please contact:

Tasha St John-Reid
Operations Manager
022 492 3384

Sponsored events

A quick visit to the Runners World website ( will reveal a list of walks, runs, marathons and even double marathons! If you, like most of us, need some motivation to get moving, how about taking part to raise sponsorship money for The Darling Trust?

Almost any sort of event can be used to raise sponsorship money; whether you shave off your beard, bake and sell cakes, have a car boot sale, take a dip in a bath full of baked beans, abseil off Table Mountain or spend a whole day in silence – whatever amount you raise to support our projects will be very much appreciated.


Volunteers are absolutely always welcome! We have no fixed programme for volunteers, but rather tailor the programme to suit the time, skills and interests of each volunteer. If you are interested in volunteering at The Darling Trust, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Wish List

Children’s art and music

  • White drawing paper (A2 – 160 gr +)  We can use any size!
  • Brown liner board (A1: A2 )
  • Pencils (variety of ‘H’ & ‘B’s)
  • Charcoal
  • Soft (powder) pastel
  • Acrylic Paint (all  colours)
  • Brushes (round and flat – all sizes)
  • Finger paint
  • Fabric paint
  • Unbleached linen
  • PVA
  • Hard board (different sizes)
  • Prestic
  • Atlas
  • Masking tape
  • Frames
  • Thick piece of glass – for mono prints
  • Water colour paper, water colour paint, oils
  • Pieces of Perspex
  • Tins/plastic containers for paint, brushes and water
  • Second hand cd player for movement/art therapy
  • Music books and sheet music

Banking details

Bank: Standard Bank
Branch: Darling
Branch code: 05-01-11
Swift code: SBZAZAJJ
Account name: ‘The Darling Trust’
Account no: 08-326-482-5


Registration Details

Registered in terms of section 6 (1) of the Trust Property Control Act, 1988 (Act 57 of 1988)
No: IT 2598/2003
PBO 930 187 22
054 -755 – NPO