Darling All Stars

Friday 27 November 2017, the kick-off event of the Darling Summer Fest weekend saw a star studded stage filled with Darling ALL STARS!  Needless to say the audience were blown away by this pure home-grown talent, reminding us of what goes on behind the scenes in our diverse community!  All coming together one Tannie Evita’s stage – making us aware of the passion, motivation and commitment our youth and older folk are with regards that which comes naturally and giving them the platform to share it where it can be appreciated on high!!

We boasted a full house with support from family, friends and the Darling community – cheering our super stars and not holding back on their applause for the exceptionally brave and talented!

Thank you DARLING for your consistent support and well done to the following participants, coordinators and volunteers!


Ajay Esau
Austrin Engelbrecht
Clarence Daniels
Deslynne Mc Kay
Lance Florence
Marius Vlotman
Mathew Daniels
Matylda Ferreira
Meghan Dietrich
Omnia Grobler – Mistress of Ceremony
Ricardo Abrahams
Rowan Abrahams
Samantha Solomons

The D’s Choice Band
Earl Jr.Rhenier
Earl Rhenier
Glenville Boltney
Jade Rhenier
Keanan Boltney
Kyle Boltney
Louwincan Jooste
Manwell De Preez
Nicole Samuels

Darling Music for All
Aden Lawrence
Braydon Lawrence
Jaideen Sias
John Fevrier
Junior Rhenier
Keiron Hoop
Lifa Hendricks
Matthew De Villiers

Duwayne Swarts
Edwill Warnick
Farried Voterson
Jayden Julies
Joseph Manuel
Katherine McKay
Lendle McKay
Lucian Damon
Marlyn Baaitjies
Moesha Solomons
Monro Titus
Tracy-Lee Damon
Gurswin Maarman