Music Classes

samroPractical and theory lessons in piano, recorder are provided for over 50 students by qualified, UNISA registered music teacher, Judy Weatherly-Wood, on a weekly basis.  A children’s percussion band is the dream and will be developed further with the assistance of additional funding. Judy has taught for many years and has been an invaluable asset in bringing out the potential within each child.

At the end of every year a music recital provides these students, ranging between the ages of 7-17, with a chance to showcase their skills and progress to friends, families and peers.

This music programme prepares children for possible further musical training later in life….the Trust works closely with the other music NGO in Darling, Darling Music for All (DMA).  Joint fundraisers are arranged and the two entities have the same goal/dream which is to build a Darling orchestra for all ages, beginners to advanced.

Outings to other concerts and shows in Cape Town as well as in Darling, are planned so that our students become aware of the benefits of musical knowledge and skills.  Artscape and Baxter Theatre often invite The Trust to their outreach events which is a valuable opportunity for these students – however additional funding for transport costs is required.

Art Classes

Art classes are provided for over 15 children by an artist and qualified art teacher, Adri van Aswegen, on a weekly basis. The aim of these classes is to stimulate creativity and develop raw talent. The nature of making art is process orientated – guiding and encouraging students to express themselves freely and engaging in a dialogue with a difference, a process of discovery and experimenting through various concepts and media.

Adri is also a qualified social worker and is thus able to encourage the children to express themselves and circumstances through their art.  This process also facilitates the life skills program whereby the facilitator is able to monitor home environments and circumstances.  Adri works closely with the community welfare worker and offices.

Aside from the weekly art classes, the students of all ages from different schools in the Swartland area, are taken on excursions to local galleries and visits to local artists as well as museums and national galleries.

Annually the students host exhibitions at Evita se Perron where families and friends can come and see what they have learned and made. The children sell their art in order to raise funds to cover some of the cost of art materials which plays an important part in establishing a ‘no handout’ understanding as well as instilling self-confidence and pride in personal achievements.

Life Skills Programme

Life skills training is provided to young people between the ages of 12 and 14 to empower them to become self-sufficient in dealing with their own personal growing up as well as in their relationships with others and role in the community. The programme covers personal identity, emotions, values, communication, teenage problems, conflict resolution and self-expression.

Moira's Food Parcel Program

Senior Citizens

Once a month, Darling’s senior citizens are treated to a a scones & cream, tea and a movie at Evita se Perron. We also pay for the local old age home’s newspaper subscriptions.

Talent Show

The Darling Trust holds an annual Talent Show at Evita se Perron in Darling. This is an informal platform for all to showcase their talents and the evening always draws a theatre full of enthusiastic friends and family. A very special part of the talent show is that it brings together members of the community who otherwise would not have spent time together.