‘Darling’s Got Talent’ turns 10

The annual highlight on Darling’s cultural calendar, Darling’s Got Talent celebrated its tenth anniversary this year: on Friday 25th November.

Evita se Perron opened its doors to the 2016 lineup of twenty-eight contestants:  singers, dancers, musicians, poets and entertainers filled the stage in a four hour medley of Darling Talent. An exceptional production made possible by The Darling Trust and this year presented by The Darling Trust /EPWP Interns, who truly made the event their own.

So what makes a successful amateur local production? Curtain raiser by Evita’s Darlings Grade R learners and popular rappers the Spoilt Bratz … twenty-eight contestants bursting with latent talent, six Darling Trust /EPWP interns at the helm, two professional make-up artists, an accomplished sound/light engineer and the vivacious MC Omnia Grobler with a backdrop painted by renowned local artist Sandy Esau … pulling it all together. Four weeks to Show night, the Perron became the hub for rehearsals. And so our Darling Talent began the transformation…. assisted by six enthusiastic Interns from the community:  who showcased  their management and planning skills gained since November 2015.

Show night presented a remarkable blend of Talent – individuality, creativity and innovation. Originality must have been the theme for 2016: original poetry spoken to paintings on canvas, a freestyle song & dance duo who wrote their own song and choreographed their moves, a dance trio moving confidently to the Interns’ own choreography, a song composed by a ten year old and sung with the passion of one twice her age, a splendid Radio Head rendition disguised by a Fish out of Water, our own Christelle’ who thought she may have a tip or two for the judges…  all these ranging from 7 to 74 years old.  Darling Talent clearly has no limit – a tough task for the 5 judges:

  • Hannelie Neethling, Pieter-Hendrik Longland, Estelle Maart, Terry Marsh, Louise Barends.

The Winners

Congratulations to the winners Deslynne McKay & Rowen Abrahams Duo, with runner up Lance Florence, and Ay-Jay Esau close in third place. You are Darling’s Rising Stars – keep shining!

The EPWP Interns received praise from the community, audience and performers, showing they have succeeded in achieving their aim as required by the Trust management -planning and executing a community event which provides residents of all ages an opportunity to express their talent on stage.

Presented by Darling Trust / EPWP interns – Bevan Grovers, Donika Brittain, Jesse-Lee Duffet, Merina Wearley, Porscha Sneewe, Wilton Tango

Applause to the Judges and Darling audience – without your support and generous appreciation this annual show would not go on. And remember… there is only a year between being in the audience and being on stage.  See you again next year!  Words by Joanne Haasbroek

The  Contestants, the backstage wizards & their Talent

EVERYONE went home with a prize thanks to our generous local sponsors

  • Deslynne McKay & Rowen Abrahams – song & instrumental duo 1st PRIZE
  • Lance Florence  – song in costume 2nd PRIZE
  • A-jay Esau – song – 3rd PRIZE

Everyone was a winner –

  • Adin Lingeveld / Brayden Lawrens / Griffen Lewis / Jaydene Sias (DMA African Drummers)
  • Eden, Jaycee-Lee & Meutran – own dance trio
  • Ivor Petersen (DMA.. song)
  • Jade Rhenier (DMA.. saxophone)
  • Joanne Delport – cabaret
  • Marjorie Klein – song
  • Maruis Vlotman, Andrew Philander & Austin Engelbreght – song &  drumming.. own .. DMA
  • Matylda Ferreira (Christelle impersonation) & Marjani Jerling – own song & dance
  • Megan Dietrich – own song
  • Myra van Boven – song
  • Ramona Soga – own art & poetry
  • Riaan De Peers (DMA… classic guitar)
  • Roger Phigeland – song
  • Tammy-Lee Sias – song
  • Verdean Damon – guitar & song

Backstage wizards

  • Make-up:  Shirley and Kayla – Darling Beauty
  • Sound and light : Stefan Hurter, shadowed by Interns Bevan Grovers and Wilton Tango
  • Photos by Paul Darné