Judy Weatherly-Wood, our music teacher, gives free piano and recorder classes to children weekday afternoons. Judy has taught music classes for many years and has been an invaluable asset in bringing out the potential within each child. At the end of every year a music recital provides the children with a chance to ‘show     off’ their skills to their friends, families and peers.

Mike and Angie Rutherford generously donated funds towards the music outreach program – therefore making a dream of guitar lessons a reality! Neil Rhoda, a local muso and esteemed sculptor, kindly volunteered as tutor –  building confidence, musical awareness and creating an environment of fun, creativity and freedom     of expression for our children!  Tutoring and practice sessions take place weekly – this is a wonderful contribution to Darling! For any enquiries please contact Chris: 022 492 2851 Wed – Fri.