THE DARLING TRUST is a charitable trust that assists the Darling community. Established in August 2003 by founding member, former trustee and present patron, Pieter-Dirk Uys – The Darling Trust is set up to assist the previously disadvantaged communities of Darling. The aim: To empower individuals to help themselves, mainly through participation in the sectors of education, skills development and health.

The Darling Trust implements projects that are meticulously planned, effective and fully accountable. Additionally acting as a channel for funding for our communities, by identifying areas of need and assisting those who endeavour to address those needs. Funding to these individuals and organisations is carefully considered and continuously managed to promote sustainability and accountability.

* Pieter-Dirk Uys’s private political activities are wholly separate from The Darling Trust and likewise, the beliefs and stance taken by The Darling Trust are not necessarily representative of those of Pieter-Dirk-Uys. For further information on Pieter-Dirk Uys, please see his website www.pdu.co.za or the website for Evita se Perron www.evita.co.za

Together, Mask Darling

Together, we aim to collect and deliver 6 700 masks to our Darling community by 18 July in support of Mandela Day 2020.
(This will represent 100 masks per minute for the 67 minutes of Giving and making a Difference)

The Darling Trust invites you to join in and Mask Darling!

  • Donate ready made masks (collection points will be around town), WhatsApp 081 518 0086 and we will collect in Darling and surrounding areas.
  • Donate ready made masks (collection points will be around town), WhatsApp 081 518 0086 and we will collect in Darling and surrounding areas.
  • Donate funds and we will have masks made on your behalf, using local talent and businesses.

Banking details:
Standard Bank Branch code: 050111
Account name: The Darling Trust Account: 08-326-482-5 Reference: Mask Donation

Together, we can stay safe by Masking Darling!

www.thedarlingtrust.org • tel: 072 573 7937

THE DARLING TRUST Registered in terms of section 6 (1)
of the Trust Property Control Act, 1988 (Act 57 of 1988)
No: IT 2598/2003 • PBO 930 018 722 • 054 -755 – NPO

The Darling Trust

The mission of The Darling Trust is to support the Darling community by empowering individuals in Darling and the surrounding areas primarily through education, skills development, health care and community outreach programs.
The objectives of The Darling Trust are to:

  • Work with the local community in the identification of community needs and to address those needs by creating feasible projects or by supporting existing projects through funding or managerial or logistical assistance
  • Act as a vehicle for the funding of community projects in Darling
  • Facilitate skills development and employability
  • Provide early childhood development facilities and learning
  • Facilitate physical and mental health and wellbeing through education and care
  • Assist the community with the challenges of HIV/Aids
  • Facilitate the identification and development of creative talent and skills, especially amongst the youth

Impress your guests at the dinner table while contributing to The Darling Trust

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All royalties go to The Darling Trust