The Darling Trust’s visit to Robben Island


The dream of the Darling Trust’s Art and Life Skills class to visit Robben Island became a reality. Our hope to fulfil this dream led to a ‘vision’ – and eventually a ‘mission’ that we have completed. Embraced with so much passion and excitement by all at The Darling Trust. We are so thankful to Elevate Destinations and Uthando SA for this unforgettable and life changing opportunity for these individuals.



THE DARLING TRUST is a charitable trust that assists the Darling community. Established in August 2003 by founding member, former trustee and present patron, Pieter-Dirk Uys – The Darling Trust is set up to assist the previously disadvantaged communities of Darling. The aim: To empower individuals to help themselves, mainly through participation in the sectors of education, skills development and health.

The Darling Trust implements projects that are meticulously planned, effective and fully accountable. Additionally acting as a channel for funding for our communities, by identifying areas of need and assisting those who endeavour to address those needs. Funding to these individuals and organisations is carefully considered and continuously managed to promote sustainability and accountability.

* Pieter-Dirk Uys’s private political activities are wholly separate from The Darling Trust and likewise, the beliefs and stance taken by The Darling Trust are not necessarily representative of those of Pieter-Dirk-Uys. For further information on Pieter-Dirk Uys, please see his website or the website for Evita se Perron

The Darling Trust Black Tie Dinner & Auction

4 May 2018


The Darling Trust Black Tie Dinner & Auction, held at Evita se Perron on Friday 4 May, was the launch of a spanking new bi-annual fundraising initiative for The Darling Trust. The event, which is the brainchild of trustee and Darling Sweet co-owner Hentie van der Merwe, was a resounding success, raising a record R158,000 for the Darling community!

Highlights of 2017

Darling All Stars

Friday 27 November 2017, the kick-off event of the Darling Summer Fest weekend saw a star studded stage filled with Darling ALL STARS!  Needless to say the audience were blown away by this pure home-grown talent, reminding us of what goes on behind the scenes in our diverse community!  All coming together one Tannie Evita’s stage – making us aware of the passion, motivation and commitment our youth and older folk are with regards that which comes naturally and giving them the platform to share it where it can be appreciated on high!!

We boasted a full house with support from family, friends and the Darling community – cheering our super stars and not holding back on their applause for the exceptionally brave and talented!

Thank you DARLING for your consistent support and well done to the following participants, coordinators and volunteers!

Ajay Esau
Austrin Engelbrecht
Clarence Daniels
Deslynne Mc Kay
Lance Florence
Marius Vlotman
Mathew Daniels
Matylda Ferreira
Meghan Dietrich
Omnia Grobler – Mistress of Ceremony
Ricardo Abrahams
Rowan Abrahams
Samantha Solomons

The D’s Choice Band
Earl Jr.Rhenier
Earl Rhenier
Glenville Boltney
Jade Rhenier
Keanan Boltney
Kyle Boltney
Louwincan Jooste
Manwell De Preez
Nicole Samuels

Darling Music for All
Aden Lawrence
Braydon Lawrence
Jaideen Sias
John Fevrier
Junior Rhenier
Keiron Hoop
Lifa Hendricks
Matthew De Villiers

Duwayne Swarts
Edwill Warnick
Farried Voterson
Jayden Julies
Joseph Manuel
Katherine McKay
Lendle McKay
Lucian Damon
Marlyn Baaitjies
Moesha Solomons
Monro Titus
Tracy-Lee Damon
Gurswin Maarman

The Darling Trust distributes donated clothing from ‘Do Good’ and ‘Rocking The Daisies!’

On behalf of the community of Darling, The Darling Trust would like to acknowledge and thank all who contributed towards the collection of clothing from Rocking The Daisies through ‘Do Good’ and their team of volunteers!

A delivery of items which filled a garage has been distributed widely over the last month with the help of local volunteers and churches.

Sinethemba in Malmesbury were also one of the beneficiaries who have a wide reach in the Swartland district.

Aside from individual distribution, Darling Outreach Foundation, the VG church and Lewende Woord church have all been instrumental in assuring that the clothes reached persons in need.

Just before the festival a tragedy occurred in Darling where a home burnt down to the ground –  thanks to this incredible gift, we were in a position to help the family out with very needed clothing.

Thank you so much for your generous consideration and for bringing this contribution to our surrounding communities!

The Darling Trust features in London

London, Monday 8 May 2017

On behalf of The Darling Trust I would like to express abundant gratitude to all these fabulous people who came together with Tannie Evita and Pieter-Dirk Uys in aid and support of the educational and outreach programmes of the Trust.

The Darling Trust has grown and expanded over the years with focus on the wellbeing of the Darling community.  Literacy, care of the aged, education and skills development continue to form the core of our activities.

It is an honour to partner with individuals such as yourselves – thank you Jill Ritchie and you’re A-team of worker bees who gave so generously of your time and energy…

Tannie Evita with Jill Ritchie & her team

Pieter-Dirk Uys with Patricia Macnaughton


Mackintosh Foundation

Patricia Lord, longtime supporter and contributor of The Darling Trust on behalf of the Mackintosh Foundation and in her own capacity – has been instrumental in bringing the dream of educational programmes and assistance to the community since The Darling Trust’s inception Her last visit was in 2009 when the foundations of our centre were being laid. This year Patricia paid a welcome visit to our educational centre, which is in full swing with 2 classes of 30 Grade R learners each. We were honoured to have Patricia experience a class with our learners. Thank you Patricia and the Mackintosh Foundation for your dedication to our cause and giving us peace of mind that we may always provide the best learning assistance possible!

About The Darling Trust

The mission of The Darling Trust is to support the Darling community by empowering individuals in Darling and the surrounding areas primarily through education, skills development, health care and community outreach programs.

The objectives of The Darling Trust are to:

  • Work with the local community in the identification of community needs and to address those needs by creating feasible projects or by supporting existing projects through funding or managerial or logistical assistance
  • Act as a vehicle for the funding of community projects in Darling
  • Facilitate skills development and employability
  • Provide early childhood development facilities and learning
  • Facilitate physical and mental health and wellbeing through education and care
  • Assist the community with the challenges of HIV/Aids
  • Facilitate the identification and development of creative talent and skills, especially amongst the youth

The Early Childhood Development Programme

On the 8th of March 2010 our Early Childhood Development programme opened its doors to a very needed crèche with 40 children.

In 2011 our brand new Grade R class opened its doors to a further 26 eager learners. The Education Center continues to grow and evolve – made possible by generous contributions from individuals, various organisations and subsidy from the Western Cape Department of Education. Evita’s Darlings are now up from 40 to 64 learners in two Grade R classes with a waiting list for next year!

The classes comply with all Government requirements and are registered with the Western Cape Department of Education.

Impress your guests at the dinner table  while contributing to The Darling Trust


If the road to reconciliation run through a country’s belly, Evita’s Kossie Sikelela cookbook provides its recipe for peace. She invites the whole country, the whole world to her table where everybody can feast on dishes like green bean bredie and cumin chicken with sweet potatoes. Who’ll be able to moan and groan between mouthfuls of walnut balls and pampoenkoekies, or baked apple clowns? Truly, there’s nothing like a generous helping of rabbit in red wine or guinea fowl with sultanas & hanepoot to bring forth brotherly love.

And liewe aarde, you will definitely want to be best friends with the orange trifle and Tannie’s melktert. Evita is always well prepared and includes recipes for diabetics and vegetarians, Halaal and Kosher dishes, and even recipes to keep as fit as she does.

Whether she entertains her grandchildren, caters for a picnic or plans a Christmas menu, Evita cooks up a storm.
Richly illustrated by artist Linda Vicquery, the expert behind the dishes.

Also included: many photographs of Evita and a preface by none other than Sophia Loren. Unfolded, the dust jacket is a laminated full-colour poster.

Also available in Afrikaans as Evita se Kossie Sikelela.

Evita’s Kossie Sikelela (Umuzi) costs R175 including VAT and is available from selected leading bookshops as well as Evita se Perron.


Evita — acclaimed chef and icon of the nation — presents her recipes for delicious dishes gathered on travels in South Africa and around the world.
From the Cape to Limpopo, the West Coast to our president’s home province, come divine platefuls: guineafowl with prunes, potroasted quail, quince bredie and orange duck. Pofadders, oxtail and even sweet and sour warthog.

Evita reinvents old favourites, and deliciously prepares veldkos — who would have thought of waterblommetjie chicken or dandelion salad for the dinner table?

Each recipe has been tested and vetted, and they’re all ridiculously easy to make.

My liewe aarde, just paging through the book is a mouth-watering experience, with all these pictures taken on her visits. First there was Kossie Sikeleta, now there is Bossie. A new culinary front hits your table.

Evita’s Bossie Sikelela costs R175 including VAT and is available from selected leading bookshops as well as Evita se Perron.

All royalties go to The Darling Trust